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As many of you know, sadly, I lost the lower half of my right breast in the year back in May 2011 due to a bacterial infection.

After consulting with my plastic suregeon in Mpls MN I was informed that I will have to have free flap microvascular breast reconstructive surgery, to replace the the skin missing in the lower part of my right breast. With the flap in place getting the necessary blood flow, I will be able to go with the larger implants and get my symmetry back to where it used to be. My most recent surgeon here in Las Vegas NV had not only butchered my right breast even worse, he seriously mis informed me of my options. I am looking forward to getting my breast fixed later on this year. The size of my left breast at a current "H" cup at (1800cc's). The surgery may incurr a hospital stay to make sure the new skin flap attached to my breast is healthy and normal. I will interview a couple of surgeons who are very qualitfied for the job. My right breast requires full reconstruction, as if it was the breast of a cancer patient, eventhough I have never had breast cancer in my life! As far as cost is concerned, I have no idea what that is until the interviews of each surgeon. This up and coming surgery is all about re-creating my right breast, and healing. Once I am well healed, I will be able to look at going larger one step at a time. Each surgery has it's fees everytime it is done, and overall can be a huge cost! But worth it!

In the mean time you can catch me live on line at Ifriends and Imlive. On both sites at the same time. I also do private one on one shows on skype or facebook, payment via paypal, $100 for a 30 minutes show. No interruptions. Just you and me with no other viewers at the time of out private show. I am also seeing clients here in Las Vegas NV for private one on one shows in your hotel room.


Also if you are coming to Las Vegas NV and are looking to book entertainment for your bachelor party, or want a private show for yourself, I can help you with that too! Feel free to email me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lustfully Yours,


paypal -email is

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For those of you who are very private and do not want a trace of any transaction, You can choose a greendot money pak. Do not choose a Money Pak outside of the town I am in or it won't work. I will let you know the amount required from you for what ever the service is that you are choosing. The cashier will take the cash required from you to upload onto the money pak, plus there will be a $4.95 charge that you have to pay to put the required amount onto the money pak. Once the card is loaded, then email me the expresscode on the back under the 'silver' that you have to scratch off in order to see it, and tell me the amount, then I can upload it onto my greendot card. If you prefer to get a physical Money Pak, you can go to a Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aide, 7 Eleven, Kmart, or Walmart, in the area I am in. It is safe and instant.

I will keep you updated on the progress.